Parenting Advice – 5 times it didn’t work for me

There’s a lot of parenting advice out there. Some good, some bad, and some very unwelcome. There’s hundreds of books and blogs and contradictory opinions floating around. Or not so much floating as being rammed into our faces. Here’s five times that nuggets of parenting advice didn’t go so well for me. Give your kidContinue reading “Parenting Advice – 5 times it didn’t work for me”

Four Reasons Why Toddlers Are Anarchists

Toddlers. The messy, chaotic, unreasonable and adorable tiny ones that require near constant monitoring, and yet resist this level of inference with every fibre of their being. I’ve had a challenging week with my little toddler rebel; partly due to him being a bit poorly, but he’s also testing my boundaries. And he doesn’t seemContinue reading “Four Reasons Why Toddlers Are Anarchists”

Covid Roadmap for Kids – Lets Take It Slow

I have experienced pressure to commit to plans now we are ‘allowed’. But even if other people can’t understand it, or feel disappointed, you have to do what is best for your family.

How to appease the parenting gods

As my parenting rollercoaster hurtles on I’ve become convinced that there are some powerful and fickle gods that like to mess with us and keep us in a constant state of uncertainty. Not the Judeo-Christian, love thy neighbour, water-into-wine type but the ancient kind, the ones that regularly meddled in our affairs and transformed intoContinue reading “How to appease the parenting gods”

Welcome to Toddler Life

You blinked and your baby is now a toddler. Welcome to a crazy parenting stage, where reason goes out the window and suddenly your household’s happiness rests on the whims of a tiny dictator. Toddlers do have a bad reputation, and with good reason; they defy logic, they like to exert their independence, and theyContinue reading “Welcome to Toddler Life”