6 ways working in hospitality prepared me for motherhood

I have worked in the hospitality industry since I was sixteen and, for the most part, loved it. I made lifelong friends, had some good times (great times actually(, and to this day I make a cracking old fashioned. Now I’m a mum of two and only work back of house, I do miss itContinue reading “6 ways working in hospitality prepared me for motherhood”

“Is Weymouth in Ukraine?” Talking to kids about war

I’ve always talked openly to the boys about most things; it wasn’t a conscious decision so much as an instinctive one. When they got to the age where they could ask questions I started answering as honestly as I could whilst keeping their age and level of understanding in mind. So when Frank asks meContinue reading ““Is Weymouth in Ukraine?” Talking to kids about war”

“I just want to be by myself” – my 3 year old’s dash for independence

Its only been a minute since I was in the midst of newborn sleep patterns, milk feeds, nappies, naps and muslins but all of sudden not only is my baby three, but he’s making a bid for total independence. I’m pretty sure he’d move out into a little studio flat if he could. He’s notContinue reading ““I just want to be by myself” – my 3 year old’s dash for independence”

7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent (Before I Actually Had Kids)

Everyone is a perfect parent with the best intentions, until you actually have kids, and then you realise how bloody stupid you were. I often look back at my idealised version of the mum I’d be; clean and stylish, calm, patient, organic healthy snacks in my changing bag, and I laugh and laugh because clearlyContinue reading “7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent (Before I Actually Had Kids)”

Schools Out – The Best and Worst Moments of Our First Year of School

This week marks the end of Frank’s first year of school. And the end of my introduction to being a parent of a school-aged child. It wasn’t how I imagined it would be. This is, of course, due to the fact that his first year happened during a devastating pandemic. But we made it through.Continue reading “Schools Out – The Best and Worst Moments of Our First Year of School”

Frank’s Top 10 Best Quotes

My eldest is turning five next week. I’ll spare you the platitudes about how times flies but seriously…I blinked and he’s five. Anyway, in honour of his upcoming birthday here’s my all time top ten favourite quotes Frank has ever graced us with. “Tell me everything you know about coffins” Kids are creepy and myContinue reading “Frank’s Top 10 Best Quotes”

The Problem with Comparisons

We enjoyed some rare child-free time this weekend and whilst walking in the sunshine down to the pub, I spotted a little girl who looked roughly the same age as our eldest riding a bike (without stabilisers), and immediately turned to Conrad and said “we really should get Frank out on his bike and teachContinue reading “The Problem with Comparisons”

Why I Need Some Child-Free Time

There are many parents out there that don’t need a break from their children. I am not one of those parents. This weekend I’m having an overnight stay without the kids, and I can’t bloody wait. I need this time to miss them. I love the feeling of being excited to see them again andContinue reading “Why I Need Some Child-Free Time”

A Collection of Parenting Mishaps

They say being a parent doesn’t come with a handbook, but that’s not strictly true; there are hundreds out there. Despite devouring several of them over the years, I have made some errors in judgement that I’d like to share with you so that maybe you can learn from my mistakes. I was struggling toContinue reading “A Collection of Parenting Mishaps”

How the Pandemic Has Made Me a Better Parent

This week marked a whole year since restrictions due to Covid-19 came into effect in the UK. During this time my family has been through three lockdowns, multiple periods of self-isolation, and I was poorly with Covid-19 myself. Through all the worries, illness, uncertainty and challenges, the pandemic has changed the way I parent, andContinue reading “How the Pandemic Has Made Me a Better Parent”