6 ways working in hospitality prepared me for motherhood

I have worked in the hospitality industry since I was sixteen and, for the most part, loved it. I made lifelong friends, had some good times (great times actually(, and to this day I make a cracking old fashioned. Now I’m a mum of two and only work back of house, I do miss itContinue reading “6 ways working in hospitality prepared me for motherhood”

“Is Weymouth in Ukraine?” Talking to kids about war

I’ve always talked openly to the boys about most things; it wasn’t a conscious decision so much as an instinctive one. When they got to the age where they could ask questions I started answering as honestly as I could whilst keeping their age and level of understanding in mind. So when Frank asks meContinue reading ““Is Weymouth in Ukraine?” Talking to kids about war”

“I just want to be by myself” – my 3 year old’s dash for independence

Its only been a minute since I was in the midst of newborn sleep patterns, milk feeds, nappies, naps and muslins but all of sudden not only is my baby three, but he’s making a bid for total independence. I’m pretty sure he’d move out into a little studio flat if he could. He’s notContinue reading ““I just want to be by myself” – my 3 year old’s dash for independence”

6 parenting jobs I did not sign up for

When you become a parent you suddenly embark upon several careers that most of us have had little or no training for. And you have no choice in the matter. Sure, some of the parenting jobs are fun; tickle monster, back up singer in their band, biscuit proprietor, actor (mainly superheroes in our house). ButContinue reading “6 parenting jobs I did not sign up for”

Perfect Pumpkin Patch Pics

This week we took the boys down to our local farm for overpriced pumpkins and instagram-worthy pictures. It was a lovely afternoon but after looking through our pictures and then loads from everyone else across Facebook and Instagram, it got me thinking about why pumpkin patch pictures seem to be so obligatory. And that behindContinue reading “Perfect Pumpkin Patch Pics”

7 surprising perks of having kids

Being a parent can be rough; this week alone I’ve faced homework deadlines, a sickness bug, multiple tantrums, a nasty smash on the head (their head not mine), I’ve been yelled at for breaking character when I was supposed to be wolverine, and I’ve read The Gruffalo about a thousand times (feels like). A mumContinue reading “7 surprising perks of having kids”

Mum Shaming

I’ve been a parent for five years now, and during this time I’ve seen quite a bit of “mum shaming”, both in real life and online. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically when a parent is criticised for their choices, and of course it happens to dads too. Although mums may experience itContinue reading “Mum Shaming”

7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent (Before I Actually Had Kids)

Everyone is a perfect parent with the best intentions, until you actually have kids, and then you realise how bloody stupid you were. I often look back at my idealised version of the mum I’d be; clean and stylish, calm, patient, organic healthy snacks in my changing bag, and I laugh and laugh because clearlyContinue reading “7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent (Before I Actually Had Kids)”

How much should we shield our children from the news?

We often listen to the radio in the car (6 music preferably, when I’m not taking David Bowie or Spiderman theme tune requests). When the news comes on I sometimes consider turning it down, because I know that it will inevitably contain something tragic or harrowing. But I don’t – I usually turn it up.Continue reading “How much should we shield our children from the news?”

Four Reasons Why Toddlers Are Anarchists

Toddlers. The messy, chaotic, unreasonable and adorable tiny ones that require near constant monitoring, and yet resist this level of inference with every fibre of their being. I’ve had a challenging week with my little toddler rebel; partly due to him being a bit poorly, but he’s also testing my boundaries. And he doesn’t seemContinue reading “Four Reasons Why Toddlers Are Anarchists”