Covid Roadmap for Kids – Lets Take It Slow

I have experienced pressure to commit to plans now we are ‘allowed’. But even if other people can’t understand it, or feel disappointed, you have to do what is best for your family.

Pandemic Gaming

It’s Friday night and I’m spending it drinking beers, listening to music, and chatting to Rai, over in the tropical island of Mauritis, and Kylar, who is sat in his flat in Sweden. I’m also running around Azeroth questing for the Horde, or more accurately, my character is. This isn’t how my Friday nights usedContinue reading “Pandemic Gaming”

How the Pandemic Has Made Me a Better Parent

This week marked a whole year since restrictions due to Covid-19 came into effect in the UK. During this time my family has been through three lockdowns, multiple periods of self-isolation, and I was poorly with Covid-19 myself. Through all the worries, illness, uncertainty and challenges, the pandemic has changed the way I parent, andContinue reading “How the Pandemic Has Made Me a Better Parent”

Pandemic Parenting

In Feb 2020 I was at a brilliant wedding (without the kids, which is always a bonus)! We were all crowded together for a big picture, the exasperated photographer urging us to move in closer together to get us all in. Later the groom did a DJ set and we all packed on to theContinue reading “Pandemic Parenting”