7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent (Before I Actually Had Kids)

Everyone is a perfect parent with the best intentions, until you actually have kids, and then you realise how bloody stupid you were. I often look back at my idealised version of the mum I’d be; clean and stylish, calm, patient, organic healthy snacks in my changing bag, and I laugh and laugh because clearlyContinue reading “7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent (Before I Actually Had Kids)”

Breastfeeding Part 2 – Mastitis and Leaving The House

I’ve spent the last five years either pregnant or breastfeeding (or both). Once you get past the hardest part, the first few weeks, breastfeeding becomes a lot easier in many ways. Or at least, this was my experience. But first there was mastitis. Statistics suggest around ten percent of women get mastitis, usually in theContinue reading “Breastfeeding Part 2 – Mastitis and Leaving The House”

How the Pandemic Has Made Me a Better Parent

This week marked a whole year since restrictions due to Covid-19 came into effect in the UK. During this time my family has been through three lockdowns, multiple periods of self-isolation, and I was poorly with Covid-19 myself. Through all the worries, illness, uncertainty and challenges, the pandemic has changed the way I parent, andContinue reading “How the Pandemic Has Made Me a Better Parent”

A Mothers Day Toast to Other Mums

Its Mothers Day, and like everyone mums have had a tough year. But maybe, just for today, we should raise a glass and consider what a great job we’ve done. And how we can support each other in the future when we are allowed to attend baby groups, classes, parties, soft plays, school functions andContinue reading “A Mothers Day Toast to Other Mums”

Homeschooling – What has Mummy Learnt?

I’ve only completed one half term of homeschooling because my little boy, who turned four last July, only started school in September. I was not prepared; possibly because I am naive or wasn’t paying attention, or possibly because the Government repeatedly told us schools would stay open. Anyway, here’s what I’ve learnt so far… AlwaysContinue reading “Homeschooling – What has Mummy Learnt?”

Pandemic Parenting

In Feb 2020 I was at a brilliant wedding (without the kids, which is always a bonus)! We were all crowded together for a big picture, the exasperated photographer urging us to move in closer together to get us all in. Later the groom did a DJ set and we all packed on to theContinue reading “Pandemic Parenting”