6 parenting jobs I did not sign up for

When you become a parent you suddenly embark upon several careers that most of us have had little or no training for. And you have no choice in the matter. Sure, some of the parenting jobs are fun; tickle monster, back up singer in their band, biscuit proprietor, actor (mainly superheroes in our house). ButContinue reading “6 parenting jobs I did not sign up for”

Four Reasons Why Toddlers Are Anarchists

Toddlers. The messy, chaotic, unreasonable and adorable tiny ones that require near constant monitoring, and yet resist this level of inference with every fibre of their being. I’ve had a challenging week with my little toddler rebel; partly due to him being a bit poorly, but he’s also testing my boundaries. And he doesn’t seemContinue reading “Four Reasons Why Toddlers Are Anarchists”

5 Things We Say To Kids That Wind Me Up

I get a lot wrong as a parent and I say or do things I look back on later and feel awful about. So it’s a bit rich of me to write this when I’m just winging it like everyone else; but these five phrases really rile me up and I’m writing about it anyway.Continue reading “5 Things We Say To Kids That Wind Me Up”