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“I just want to be by myself” – my 3 year old’s dash for independence

Its only been a minute since I was in the midst of newborn sleep patterns, milk feeds, nappies, naps and muslins but all of sudden not only is my baby three, but he’s making a bid for total independence. I’m pretty sure he’d move out into a little studio flat if he could. He’s notContinue reading ““I just want to be by myself” – my 3 year old’s dash for independence”

Parenting Advice – 5 times it didn’t work for me

There’s a lot of parenting advice out there. Some good, some bad, and some very unwelcome. There’s hundreds of books and blogs and contradictory opinions floating around. Or not so much floating as being rammed into our faces. Here’s five times that nuggets of parenting advice didn’t go so well for me. Give your kidContinue reading “Parenting Advice – 5 times it didn’t work for me”

Sausages and Lies

Wednesday morning, 7am, Frank bursts into our room like a whirlwind and I blearily say good morning, and remind him that today he’s going into school dressed in his onesie and wellies for a “wild rumpus day”. He replied “yes I know, don’t forget we need to bring in sausages for the party”. Suddenly I’mContinue reading “Sausages and Lies”

Countdown to Christmas

Yes – I’m aware that its still November, but whether we want to admit it or not the countdown to Christmas is here. In Christmases past I’ve spent the week before Christmas Day frantically buying gifts for the kids and family, and wrapping up presents on Christmas Eve when I could be chilling with aContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas”


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