We didn’t get dressed today

There’s a storm outside, red weather warning no less, and Frank was feeling a bit poorly. I suspect it was simply exhaustion from a busy half term; he told me he fell asleep during class yesterday. I suspect Year 1 has been challenging for my summer born boy. So we hunkered down and stayed home; a feeling strangely reminiscent of the first lockdown, but without the clapping, and the decent weather. We didn’t bake or build dens, or do any homework or an exercise class online. We just played, watched movies, ate sweets and read a few books. Bill was wearing the softest pink onesie all day, Frank – his star wars pjs, and I was sporting joggers and my husband’s old T-shirt. I sipped tea and watched the storm outside batter our fence and rip a few roof tiles away. I had more cuddles from my boys than I have in ages; endless cuddles, because there was nowhere to be and nothing to get ready for. We shared blankets and lollipops, we found a new favourite show on Netflix. Dinner will be whatever I can rescue from the depths of the freezer. A year ago I’d have felt guilty for our day today; the fact we didn’t get dressed, the screen time, the lack of activities. I’d have seen instagram stories of parents baking or painting with their little ones and I’d have felt a guilt punch, right in my chest. Now I think – its one day. One day to recharge, reconnect, chill, eat, rest. Yes we didn’t get dressed but they’re fed and they’re happy. I did TWO loads of laundry and we read stories about superheroes. I don’t feel bad about it. Now I just embrace the days we don’t get dressed; they’re a luxury many can’t afford. I am lucky. My boys are, too. Staying home in our house where we can afford heating, we have entertainment, we have food in abundance. I don’t have to brave the wind today and we don’t always have to do insta-worthy stuff to make me a good mum. We are where we are; cosy, together, healthy. We didn’t get dressed today, and it was glorious.

Published by moonfacemum

Hello! I'm a mum of two boys, we live on the coast in Dorset, UK. When I'm not running around after the two rascals I help run our family business, a couple of bars. My days of 2am close downs and tequila shots are well behind me but I'm still partial to making margaritas in my kitchen.

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